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Kids' Competitive Program


Are you ready for your child to purse the competitive path of ballroom dancing? DNA Dance Ballroom is here for you and we will help your child through every step of their competitive journey.

There are lots of levels of competition for children of any age. It's not necessary to start from a stressful category where your child will feel overwhelmed or put down and lose motivation. Any competitive career starts from a level suitable for your child, and then organically grows as they develop skills and strength.

DNA Dance Ballroom is orientated to raise generations of champions that will proudly represent our country at international competitions and championships.


To do so, we have a special program developed by a Ukrainian world class coach and adjudicator, who has over 30 years of experience in competing, coaching, judging, participating in top level training camps, and adjudicator congresses all over the world. All of this knowledge has been refined into a program that has been tested on generations of dancers, in all age categories, who have become national champions and have become finalists and victors in prestigious international competitions.

The Program's Components:

  • Group lectures ​

  • Supervised Practices

  • Competition Simulations

  • Private lessons

  • Conditioning and Stretching

  • Different styles of dancing (jazz, modern, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, etc.) for personal development and growth as a comprehensive dancer

Here at DNA Dance Ballroom, all of our instructors had wonderful childhoods being competitive dancers, and we just want to pass on this joy to as many children and parents as possible.

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