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Adult Programs

Adult Social Ballroom Dancing

“Any kind of dancing is better than no dancing at all”- Lynda Barr


This is true!!! And our Adult Social classes will prove it!

Are you tired of staying home? Tired of sitting most of the day? Overwhelmed with your daily routine? Are you bored and looking for some friends and action? Maybe you don’t know what to do on a date or how to surprise your second half? Or maybe you are dreaming of meeting your second half? Or simply looking for some happy times?

Then DNA Dance Ballroom is here for you.


Our Adult Social Dance program is specifically designed to give everyone an opportunity to experience all the wonderful benefits that come from dancing.

We have a variety of classes that include

International Ballroom and Latin dances



Ladies' Styling

Ladies' Heels Dancing

.... and many more!

With Social Dancing you will: 

  • Improve your physical health and fitness

  • Improve balance, coordination and posture (it’s proven that posture tremendously affects body image)!

  • keep your mind sharp and improve your reflexes

  • overcome your stress

  • improve self-confidence (you will be more comfortable talking to people, and most likely will overcome shyness)

  • be in the moment

  • widen your social circle 

  • possibly meet your second half (there are so many dancing love stories)! 


Contact us now to get more information!

Click here if you're interested in our Adult Competitive Program!

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