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ADULT's Competitive Program

Adults competitive ballroom dancing

Are you ready to purse the competitive path of ballroom dancing? DNA Dance Ballroom is here for you and we will help you through every step of your competitive journey.

There are lots of levels of competition for people of any age and experience. It's not necessary to start from a stressful category where you will feel overwhelmed or put down and lose motivation. Any competitive career starts from a level suitable for you, and then organically grows as you develop skills, technique, speed and strength.

Competitions are usually divided by the "syllabus," meaning that competitors are restricted to a specific set of figures that are allowed for each level. The levels are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Competing outside of the syllabus is considered the Open category, which is further divided into Newcomer, Novice, Pre-Championship, and the Championship categories.

Our instructors will teach you the choreography in advance. After the choreography is finished, we will be polishing technique, adding speed, working on partnering skills, and creating a cleaner picture to make the choreography shine. The speed of your success and growth will depend on your dedication. From our side, we have prepared a program for you to achieve the best results.

The Program's Components:

  • Group lectures ​

  • Supervised Practices

  • Competition Simulations (Rounds)

  • Private lessons

  • Conditioning and Stretching

  • Different styles of dancing (jazz, modern, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, etc.) for personal development and growth as a comprehensive dancer

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